My name is John Stephens and I plan on developing this site further when I get settled in. Right now, this site is a place-holder, so to speak. I am currently transitioning to Tauranga from Los Angeles after a 26 1/2 year career in law enforcement as a photographer and multi-media specialist in information technology.

My USA callsign is KJ6DD and I’ve been a Ham since 1986.

My parents are hams, W6JMA and K7JQA, and have been since the late 1950s. I remember playing under the ham desk as a very young child listening to CQ CQ CQ de …. in Morse code while my mother worked the world from Tombstone, Arizona. The solar cycle was one of the best ever during that period, I’m told. 10 meters was crazy fun during that time.

My mother was a Radioman 2nd class petty officer in the US Navy during WWII.  She copied encrypted code all day while stationed at Treasure Island, San Francisco, California. My father was a US Army Signal Corps combat photographer in the Philippines when General MacArthur returned to liberate that country from Japanese occupation in 1945.

Not that I did this intentionally, but I became a ham and a photographer, by trade. I would say it’s in the genes.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and 73 for now.

John, ZL2DD/W6