USA Field Day W6SW

Whilst my days in the States are numbered, my wife and I had an opportunity to do Field Day one more time. I was the GOTA station, N6F, for W6SW, the San Andreas Faultline Survivors, as we call ourselves. We met at Mount Abel, in the San Joaguin Valley, Frasier Park area in Southern California. This location is 8300 feet in altitude. Pretty hard to breathe for the first two days.

My station, N6F, made 165 QSOs from my car. This year we made almost 2700 QSO running 3A SJV. The team was especially hot this year. Our two morse code maniacs, WQ6X and W6KC, were amazing and didn’t seem to fatigue. WQ6X never slept operating his CW 20 meter station. Last year we placed first for our section, SJV, San Joaquin Valley, and I suspect we’ll easily beat last year’s record and come in first again.

I’m sorry I won’t be there next year or again, for that matter. This group is the best! They’re all such good people. (That’s me and my wife covering the left side of the Camp-O-Alto sign wearing the black ball cap with KJ6DD on it.)

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