This band is hopping!

I’ve been listening on 20 meters as I travel to and from work over the last couple months and man, this band is hopping. I’ve heard so much DX I’m champing at the bit to get on the air with a proper station.

For instance, yesterday, KP4AD, Puerto Rico was booming into the southwest United States as I traveled home. I didn’t have a chance working him because of the east coast wall of hams after him. It made me envious.

A few days before, E. Kiribati, Kuwait, England, all heard from my 20 meter ham-stick on my car.

I have a friend that says the bands are dead, but what’s really going on is he’s DEAF. Such a shame to miss out on all the DX going on. I can’t wait to get on the air as DX myself and a pretty rare one at that. 74 more days before I start my journey to arrive in Tauranga to get my ZL2DD “station on the air.”

Wish me luck. Hi Hi.


John, ZL2DD/W6

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  1. W3SE says:

    Hey John,
    10M was Fantastic during CQWW WPX CW. 678 Qs in the log. My Woo Hoo Moment was when 5Z4FM answered my CQ at 1939Z Long Path. Looking forward to you getting settled in down here.

    Wes W3SE / ZL3TE

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