Welcome to ZL2DD.com.

I’m extremely happy you’ve stopped-by to say hello and to look at my logs, etc. This site is being built prior to me arriving in New Zealand, so it is a work in progress.

Sometime in October or November, 2012, I will be on the air and will happily work you on 10-15-20 meters. My initial antenna will be a tri-band beam, a KT34M2 at around 51′. I will plant a US Tower TMM-541SS with a ten foot mast.

I’m planning to run the legal limit and can work all modes.

Stay tuned as I work out all the necessary details to go on the air this year.

Thanks for visiting,

John, ZL2DD/W6

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2 Responses to WELCOME

  1. Ron Fitch says:

    An AWEsome page John.
    ZL2DD/W6? Don’tcha mean ZL2/KJ6DD?


    P.s. Ge’ldine! says “Wassup Sukka?!!?”

    • webmanjohnny says:

      Why, no, mon ami. I am ZL2DD, too. I acquired the callsign before my deportation to New Zealand, Hi Hi. I have a valid US callsign and a New Zealand address, therefore, ZL2DD. I discovered I could do this at Visalia 2012. How are you? I’m currently in Tahiti, FO land, but no rig. In two days I’ll be in ZL heading for my house in Tauranga. Whoohooo! I can’t wait. We’ve been on the road since July 28th. Can’t wait to buy a bed and call it my own.

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