I’m loving it!

Nothing fancy… just a Cushcraft R-5 vertical filling-in until my tower goes in.

My antenna is nothing fancy for the moment. It’s a Cushraft R-5 vertical that I’ve used for many many years. I run as close to a kilowatt as I can and I’m being heard easily with those I call. I’m loving it.


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Here it is, clean and simple.

Here it is, clean and simple.

I’m on the air and feeling fine. My kilowatt station is operational this week! It’s funny the things that come up while assembling a new station. Like, finding mineral oil for the kilowatt dummy load. In New Zealand, mineral oil doesn’t exist. It’s known as White Oil or Paraffin Oil, but nevertheless, very hard to find in bulk. Ultimately, I found mineral oil in buying seven 500 mil bottles of “Baby Oil.” It’s 100 percent mineral oil with fragrance. Hi Hi. Now, I have the nicest smelling kilowatt dummy load in the country, I’m sure.

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USA Field Day W6SW

Whilst my days in the States are numbered, my wife and I had an opportunity to do Field Day one more time. I was the GOTA station, N6F, for W6SW, the San Andreas Faultline Survivors, as we call ourselves. We met at Mount Abel, in the San Joaguin Valley, Frasier Park area in Southern California. This location is 8300 feet in altitude. Pretty hard to breathe for the first two days.

My station, N6F, made 165 QSOs from my car. This year we made almost 2700 QSO running 3A SJV. The team was especially hot this year. Our two morse code maniacs, WQ6X and W6KC, were amazing and didn’t seem to fatigue. WQ6X never slept operating his CW 20 meter station. Last year we placed first for our section, SJV, San Joaquin Valley, and I suspect we’ll easily beat last year’s record and come in first again.

I’m sorry I won’t be there next year or again, for that matter. This group is the best! They’re all such good people. (That’s me and my wife covering the left side of the Camp-O-Alto sign wearing the black ball cap with KJ6DD on it.)

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OMG! ZS3Y Heard

ZS3Y's QTHAs they say, OMG! I heard South Africa on 20 meters this morning from the car. A bit of QSB on his signal, but at times he was S7 on my rig. South Africa is just about exactly half way around the world from Southern California. I see on QRZ.com that Volker has a fairly simple arrangement, 400 watts into a tri-element antenna up 30 meters. Not bad Volker! You made my day just being able to hear you and you don’t even know.


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This band is hopping!

I’ve been listening on 20 meters as I travel to and from work over the last couple months and man, this band is hopping. I’ve heard so much DX I’m champing at the bit to get on the air with a proper station.

For instance, yesterday, KP4AD, Puerto Rico was booming into the southwest United States as I traveled home. I didn’t have a chance working him because of the east coast wall of hams after him. It made me envious.

A few days before, E. Kiribati, Kuwait, England, all heard from my 20 meter ham-stick on my car.

I have a friend that says the bands are dead, but what’s really going on is he’s DEAF. Such a shame to miss out on all the DX going on. I can’t wait to get on the air as DX myself and a pretty rare one at that. 74 more days before I start my journey to arrive in Tauranga to get my ZL2DD “station on the air.”

Wish me luck. Hi Hi.


John, ZL2DD/W6

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Welcome to ZL2DD.com.

I’m extremely happy you’ve stopped-by to say hello and to look at my logs, etc. This site is being built prior to me arriving in New Zealand, so it is a work in progress.

Sometime in October or November, 2012, I will be on the air and will happily work you on 10-15-20 meters. My initial antenna will be a tri-band beam, a KT34M2 at around 51′. I will plant a US Tower TMM-541SS with a ten foot mast.

I’m planning to run the legal limit and can work all modes.

Stay tuned as I work out all the necessary details to go on the air this year.

Thanks for visiting,

John, ZL2DD/W6

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